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Associate Membership is now closed.
Only Full (local) Membership applications are currently being accepted.

The Online membership application procedure is as follows:

The GoCardless system is the only method of payment currently accepted by The Federation for Online membership applications.

Please note Membership does not auto-renew.

The online application process is not wholly automatic. All submitted forms are scrutinised by the Secretary who sends out payment links to successful applicants.
It can take a while to process applications, particularly during the first couple of weeks after opening on 1st May.
Please don't be tempted to re-apply, refresh or re-submit your form etc. if you don't hear back immediately - be patient.
If you completed and submitted the form correctly and had an acknowledgement screen displayed, you will receive your payment link in due course.

If you have any queries relating to the Online application process, please contact the Secretary.

To progress your application, please now complete the Online application form.


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Anglers who leave litter or light fires will be barred from all Federation waters