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Welcome to Newark and District Piscatorial Federation

Providers of top class fishing since 1904


Bailiffs required

23 September 2017

The Federation currently has a number of vacancies for bailiffs to cover our fisheries in the Newark area.

For more details or to apply, please contact the Secretary.


National Match Bookings for 2018

14 October 2017

Two of the biggest matches in the national calendar will be held on Federation waters in 2018.

Saturday, 11th August sees the Individual National Championships while the following weekend, a number of sections of the Division 1 National will be held on our waters.

Anglers looking to pleasure fish on those days are advised to consult the match calendar as both events span multiple fisheries including Winthorpe.


NEW RULE: No multi-hook rigs

23 September 2017

Multi-hook rigs are not permitted on Federation waters except for Pike and Zander fishing.

Visiting anglers - accommodation guide

10 September 2017

This site now has a page with accommodation links that visiting anglers may find useful.

If anyone would like to share a recommendation for angler-friendly accommodation in the area, please email details to the secretary or webmaster.


Night fishing on Federation waters

3 September 2017

We're frequently asked about night fishing on Federation waters so once again, for the record:
Night fishing is only permitted at Winthorpe and Girton - the latter being managed by Scunthorpe Amalgamated Anglers as detailed on the relevant fisheries page.
Anglers night fishing any of our other waters are, at the very least, flouting Federation rules and face the prospect of a permanent ban if caught.
Incidents which may constitute poaching and/or trespass are referred to The Police as a matter of course.

Rowing Competition - advanced notice

3 September 2017

Newark Rowing Club have kindly advised us of a major rowing competition on Saturday, 2nd December 2017.
Racing will take place between 09:00 to 15:00 on the River between Newark and Farndon.
Anglers hardy enough to be out on the River (or avoiding Xmas shopping!) should show due consideration to our fellow water users.

Angling Trust match CANCELLED

10 August 2017

Just to advise that the Angling Trust match scheduled for Saturday, 16th September has been cancelled.
Unless there's a late booking, Sheldons and East Stoke will be match-free on that day.
As usual, any changes will be posted on the match calendar.

Hydroacoustic surveys on the Trent

2 August 2017

The Environment Agency will be carrying out some night time fish monitoring of stretches of the Trent over the next two weeks.
Dates on which Federation fisheries may be affected are:
Mon 7th August: Hazelford - Averham
Tues 8th: Nether Lock – Cromwell
The work is carried out from a boat moving at slow speeds using acoustic techniques to detect fish remotely, so will not disturb them.
The boat will be close to the banks so anglers should be aware to prevent damage to lines etc.
The survey work is weather dependant, so dates may be subject to change.

Night fishing infringements - your help needed

28 July 2017

We've had a number of reports recently concerning anglers illegally night fishing our waters, particularly in the Farndon area.
Information has been passed to the Police who have patrolled the areas concerned and will continue to monitor the situation. Federation bailiff presence has also been increased at the fisheries concerned.
A big 'thank you' to those members and visitors who've reported infringements thus far but please note that the more detail you can provide, the better. Car registration numbers are particularly useful but please be discrete when recording these and don't put yourself at risk in any way.
All rule infringements (or suspected ones) should be reported to the Secretary by email or phone (07960 031910) with as much detail as possible. Information you provide will be treated strictly in confidence.
Please help us to protect our wonderful fisheries and the access to them - thank you.

Associate Membership cap reached

13 July 2017

As predicted, we've now reached our cap on Associate Membership for the current season.
Only applications received before midnight on Saturday, 15th July will be considered.
We've a few applications still to be processed at the moment due to the Secretary being on holiday. Rest assured that these will be processed on his return.
As previously reported, Full Membership is NOT affected and will remain open to applications all season irrespective of numbers.

Last few Associate Memberships available!

3 July 2017

As previously advised, we're getting close to our limit on Associate Membership for the current season.
We estimate that applications for this category of membership will close in approximately two weeks time.
To avoid disappointment, we advise you to apply as soon as possible either on-line or by post.
Full Membership is NOT affected and will remain open all season irrespective of numbers.

Caution - scam bailiffs about!

29 June 2017

Official bailiffs of the Federation will issue you with an actual ticket when you purchase a day ticket on the bank.
You will need to show this ticket, on request to other bailiffs and to Federation members.
If asked to pay for a ticket by a 'bailiff' who can't provide an actual ticket, please refuse politely and contact the Secretary on 07960 031910 with as much information about the incident as you can provide.
Your assistance is greatly appreciated. It may prevent the blatant theft of monies from other anglers.

Busy start but litter issues already!

25 June 2017

It's been a busy start to the new season, particularly on our Winthorpe fishery where night fishing is permitted.
Unfortunately, and despite information on this website and signage at the fishery, litter left by anglers is already an issue.
We're closely monitoring the situation and recording car registration numbers etc. but if the issue doesn't improve, this fishery will become members-only next season - if not sooner!
Please relay, in confidence, any information regarding littering or other rule infringements to The Secretary.

New Federation bailiffs

25 June 2017

We're pleased to welcome two new bailiffs to the Federation.
Martyn Drummond will patrol the Trent Dyke while Bartosz Krawczyk, a VBS volunteer and bailiff for Notts AA, will cover most of our Newark fisheries.
Please show them respect and follow their instructions at all times.

Girton night fishing

25 June 2017

Just to confirm that night fishing is permitted at Girton but this is controlled by Scunthorpe Pisces AC.
Night fishing season cards are available at a cost of £10 from:
Simon Mattison - Fisheries Officer
Mobile: 07943651992
Email: simon.mattison3@ntlworld.com

Sheldons Livestock Update

9 June 2017

Good news for those planning to fish Sheldons this coming season.
We understand that only sheep will graze in the adjacent field.
As anglers who fish this stretch will testify, the local bovines can be particularly inquisitive.

Bank Workers and Bailiffs Required

27 May 2017

The Federation is currently seeking bank workers and bailiffs for our fisheries.
Please contact the Secretary for further information and to register your interest.

Great news for the under 18s

16 May 2017

The Committee confirms that, with immediate effect and following this year's AGM, membership for those under 18 at the date of application is now free of charge.
Hopefully this move will encourage even more young anglers to join the Federation.
The Committee believe that these younger members are the future, not only of the Federation, but of our beloved sport itself.

2017-18 Membership Update

15 May 2017

With just over a month to go until the Glorious 16th, applications are still coming in at a healthy rate and are up on the same period last year.
Prospective Associate Members please note that we closed membership at the end of August last year as we were fully subscribed.
This scenario is likely to be repeated this year (may well be earlier!) so don't delay if you want to be assured of membership.
Please note that Full Membership is not affected and will not be capped this coming season.
Joining/renewing details are provided on the Membership page.

River season draws to an end

12 March 2017

Just a quick reminder that the river season ends at midnight on March 14th.
The rivers then remain closed for fishing from March 15th to June 15th inclusive.
Federation season tickets for the 2017-18 season will be on sale from 1st April either on-line or by post.
We had to close Associate membership this season due to high demand so early application is advised to avoid disappointment.
Please note that due to predation and lack of use, the ponds at Long Bennington are no longer available though The Federation will continue to look for a quality still water in the Newark area.

AGM 2017

12 January 2017

This year's Federation AGM is scheduled for Wednesday, 26 April.
Full details on the AGM page.

Long Bennington complaint

17 December 2016

We've received a complaint regarding various issues at the Long Bennington stretch of the Witham.
Whilst Federation members may not have been involved, the following should be noted - this applies to all of our fisheries by default.
Many thanks - The Committee

Monthly meetings - New Venue

9 November 2016

Association meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at The Rose and Crown Pub on Main Street in Balderton. Meetings start at 8pm.
Committee members only are permitted to address the meeting; any issues should be raised through a Committee member or sent by email/ letter to the Secretary.
Full Federation members are welcome to attend the meetings as observers.

Associate Membership 2016-17

12 August 2016

We've experienced fantastic demand for membership to the Federation this year which is great news, the net result being that we're almost full!
As a result, a deadline of Wednesday, 31 August has been set by which applications for Associate Membership must be received.
Please note that the Full Membership categories will remain open until further notice.
Membership of the Federation is on an annual basis commencing in April each year.
Membership for all categories will re-open next April for the 2017-18 Federation year on a first come first served basis as usual.

Trent Powerboat and Ski Club (TPSC)

23 July 2016

Please note that our Sheldons and East Stoke fisheries lie within a permitted water ski zone controlled by Trent Powerboat and Ski Club (TPSC).
Members boats are all marked with a red membership number. The colour of the lettering changes every year. The format is as follows: T002 or T019.
Members are permitted to drive their boats at speed (no speed limit) at any time during week days and after 3pm at the weekend.
While recognising the potential conflict of interests this presents, the Committee wish to remind all anglers of there obligation not to bring the Federation's name into disprepute, as stated in the published Federation
rules, e.g. by being abusive or threatening to other water users.
The image below shows the extents of the ski zone and is presented for information purposes only.
TPSC ski zone
Please contact the
The Secretary if you have any queries or wish to report any incidents relating - thanks.  

Rolleston - vandalism and trespass

25 June 2016

The lock on the first gate in the car park at Rolleston has been bolt-cropped off for the 5th or 6th time in the past year.
The Police have been informed but if anyone sees or has seen, any suspicious activity on this or any other Federation stretch, please contact
the Secretary in confidence.
Many thanks.

Unattended and multiple rods - clarification

20 June 2016

With immediate effect, anglers must not leave their rods which are fishing (cast out) unattended.
This is a new Federation rule which reinforces the need to hook, play and land fish in a controlled and safe manner.
Please also note the following extract from the
Environment Agency rod fishing byelaws: Severn and Trent catchments.

When fishing with more than one rod, the distance between the butts of the end rods must not exceed three metres.


East Stoke fishery - important clarification

20 June 2016

Please note that the downsteam end peg on our East Stoke fishery is no.55 NOT no.57 as previously stated.
The corresponding
fishery page and associated Google map have been suitably amended.
As previously advised, there is NO access via the track and gate at the downstream end which was used for this fishery under previous ownership.
The track from the turning area up to the gate is STRICTLY OFF LIMITS.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Girton fishery gate locking

18 June 2016

When securing the gate at Girton, please connect our lock to the other one present such that unlocking either one enables access.

Spring 2016 update

2 May 2016

As we're half way through the river close season, it's time for a quick update on items from the recent AGM:

Crankley access

Regrettably, night fishing will be prohibited at Crankley from this coming season.
In addition, vehicular access beyond the A1 bridge car park will be strictly at the discretion of the bailiff and Committee and subject to ground conditions.
Please note that the arrangements for the adjoining Winthorpe fishery are unaffected.

Bank workers required

The Federation is short of bank workers so if you're up for some clearing/grass cutting etc. for a fee, please get in touch with The Secretary.

Membership applications

Membership applications, both postal and on-line, are at a healthy level.
We've received a number of father & son/daughter applications which is great to see. The more of these the better as young anglers are the future of our beloved sport.

Get involved - join the Committee

We're currently seeking additional Committee members.
If you're interested in getting involved in the running of The Federation, please get in touch with The Secretary.

Fires and litter

It's evident that the no litter and no fires rules are being flouted by some 'anglers'.
The number of infringements at our Winthorpe fishery is such that the current arrangements, including night fishing, may be subject to Committee review dependent on whether matters improve in the coming season.
The rules couldn't be clearer on this - there's really no excuse.

Membership news

16 February 2016

If you've ever fancied taking a friend or family member to fish one of our premier stretches, we have some good news!
Guest tickets are now available for the Sheldons and East Stoke fisheries.
See the membership page for full details.

Tight Lines, wet nets and stay safe!


Anglers who leave litter or light fires risk being barred from all Federation waters