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Welcome to Newark and District Piscatorial Federation

Providers of top class fishing since 1904


Membership closed until 1st May

10 January 2019

Due to the number of invalid applications we're currently receiving, the Committee have agreed to close membership for the current Federation year (2018-19) somewhat earlier than usual.
As a result, no applications for any category of membership will be considered until 1st May 2019 when the new Federation year (2019-20) begins.
Full membership details will be available on this website in advance of that date.
Tight lines for the rest of this season.  

More unacceptable behaviour to report

11 December 2018

The Committee have issued the following statement following another, alleged, verbal assault by an angler on our Power Station stretch towards another river user.
"Verbal assaults on other river users will not be tolerated.
We have shared our river for many years but recently there have been two incidents of abuse directed towards other river users.
This behaviour will not be tolerated and any one identified as being abusive will be banned from our waters.
It has been agreed that photographs and car numbers will be taken and passed to the police.
Please report any incidents to the secretary immediately.
Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated."

Newark Old Lock - Hydro Scheme Application

4 December 2018

An application to develop a Hydro power scheme at Old Lock on our Capps and Weir fishery has been submitted by H2O POWER Limited.
Full details of the application are available via this link.
The Committee have submitted a formal objection to the proposed scheme and would encourage all Federation Members to do likewise.
Comments/objections can be submitted at the web page linked to above or here.
Aspects you may want to consider include potential habitat loss, change of dominant species, loss of a valuable resource etc.
Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Unacceptable bankside behaviour

19 November 2018

We've received reports of an altercation between an angler fishing our Power Station stretch and local rowers involved in a time trial on Sunday morning.
One of the rower's boats inadvertently passed through the angler's line but, fortunately, was able to be freed. Despite this, the angler proceeded to hurl abuse and then stones at the rower in question some of these actually hitting a following boat.
In all respects, the actions of this angler were wholly unacceptable and, if identified, the perpetrator will be barred from all Federation waters.
The Federation rules clearly state that anglers must not bring the Federation's name into disrepute, something this behaviour certainly does.
Anyone with information as to the identity of the angler concerned, should contact the
Secretary in confidence.
The Federation would like to extend its sincere apologies both to the rowers concerned and to Newark Rowing Club in general.

Great work from new member

26 August 2018

Red Bridge litter New member, Adrian, did a great job recently in attacking the litter on our Red Bridge fishery.
Due in part to its location in town, this stretch unfortunately suffers more than most in terms of discarded rubbish.
Red Bridge litter Not content with clearing his own peg, Aidrian picked litter along a significant stretch of the fishery for which the Committee would like to offer its sincere thanks.
Aidrian joins a growing number of Eastern European members looking to enjoy the great fishing we have to offer.

Safety Tip: Take care when picking litter/rubbish, wear suitable gloves and be wary of 'sharps' e.g. needles and glass etc. Also, ensure you've some knowledge of Weil's Disease, its symptoms and treatment.


Winthorpe night closure 17th August

7 August 2018

Just a reminder that night fishing will not be permitted at Winthorpe on Friday, 17th August
This is due to the Division 1 National taking place on our waters on Saturday, 18th.
Night fishing will be permitted from the Saturday evening after the match and as usual thereafter.
It should fish it's head off with all that bait going in during the day!

Temporary closure of Girton fishery

27 July 2018

Further to discussions with Scunthorpe AA, with whom we share the Girton fishery, we can confirm that the stretch will remain closed until further notice.
This temporary closure is intended to protect fish stocks, particularly Barbel, during the current low flow and Oxgen conditions.
Let's hope for some rain and cooler weather before too long. We'll provide an update in due course.

Associate Membership - last chance this season!

14 July 2018

Just a final nudge that Associate Membership will close for this season on Monday, 16th July - around 18:00 give or take.
Applications for this category of membership received after the cut-off point will not be considered.

Low Water and Oxygen Levels

8 July 2018

Please take extra care with regard to fish health during the current hot spell of weather.
With water and Oygen levels low and daytime temperatures high, fish, particularly Barbel, can be slow to recover after capture and may need 'nursing' for some considerable time before release.
Please take a look at The Barbel Society's guidance if you haven't yet done so.
Until it cools down and we get some rain through the river, it might be an idea to catch up on some other pursuits e.g. gardening, DIY or watching the footy etc. - just a thought.

Change of meeting date

8 July 2018

Due to England's semi-final this week, the monthly Federation meeting has been moved to Wednesday, 18th July - 20:00 start.
If you've not attended one of the monthly meetings before, why not make July the month you get involved and make your voice heard?
The meetings aren't long with business usually concluded within an hour or so.
All Full Members welcome!

Associate Membership Closing Soon

7 July 2018

We're fast approaching our membership cap for the season so can now confirm the closing date for Associate Membership applications.
Applications for Associate Membership received after Monday, 16th July will not be considered. Applications received on or before this date will be processed to completion.
The Associate option in the on-line application form will be removed in the evening of the 12th but to play safe, you might want to consider the preceding weekend as your last chance to apply - just in case.
As we've stated previously, this doesn't affect (local) Full Membership applications which will remain open all season.

Clarification - Fires, BBQs, Stoves and Hobs

1 July 2018

The Federation operates a strict 'No Fires' policy but does permit the use of above-ground BBQs and camping stoves/hobs etc.
These must be supervised at all times and never left unattended while alight.
On the subject of fires, and as you'll have seen in the press/on TV, vegetation is extremely dry at present. A discarded cigarette or even a piece of glass is enough to start a serious fire.
Please take even more care than usual during this extended dry period.

Guest Tickets - now available on-line

22 June 2018

As a result of feedback received, Guest tickets are now available to purchase on-line.
Guest tickets are available for Sheldons, East Stoke, Crankley and Winthorpe on a "one Member/one Guest" basis.
In addition, 24 hour Guest tickets are available for Winthorpe only.
Regular day tickets are available on other fisheries - see Fisheries >> Quick Reference for details.
Full details and links on the Membership page.

Extensive Tree Work Planned

16 June 2018

Just to advise that a significant program of work is planned over the coming months that will involve tree removal, coppicing, pruning and re-planting.
This work is required as certain pegs have become almost un-fishable particularly due to vigorous Willow growth.
The work will affect our Rolleston and Trent Dyke fisheries and will begin shortly on the Power Station stretch.
The work will be carried out during the week so weekend anglers shouldn't be affected. While the work is taking place, there will, inevitably, be some disruption around the individual pegs concerned.

New Season Best Wishes

16 June 2018

At last - the big day's finally arrived.
Please stay safe, follow the rules and be a true ambassador for both the Federation and for angling in general.
Have a great season!

New Season Advice

9 June 2018

As a direct response to a number of issues last year, The Federation intends to adopt a more active approach to bailiffing from the start of the new season.
The key areas to be targeted are poaching, angling-related litter and illegal night fishing.
Our exisiting bailiffing team will be supplemented by Federation Committee members who will patrol regularly.
With specific regard to night fishing, any member caught fishing after time, will face instant dismissal from The Federation without the right of appeal. Offending anglers on a guest or day ticket, will similarly be barred from all Federation waters.
In addition, The Federation, will pass on the names of offending anglers to other clubs in the area and to the local Police where appropriate.
Members, on joining, are given a sheet with this rule on it, it is on the website and on the gates to the fisheries so there's no excuse.
The local Police are aware of the problems of night fishing our waters (especially the Weir Fields section) and will patrol at times.
Anyone aware of illegal night fishing (or other issues) should relay details to the Secretary with times, vehicle registration etc. and he will pass these on to the Police.

Only a week to go!

9 June 2018

Just a week to go until the Glorious 16th.
The river's looking in great shape after the recent rain likewise the banks/swims thanks to our bank workers.
If you're hoping to have your membership in place for the start of the season, you'll need to get your skates on. Applications have been at healthy level but, for now, the Associate Member category remains open though this is likely to change in the not too distant future.
As usual, Full (local) membership will remain open irrespective of the total number of Federation members.
The next post will be less upbeat than this one but will contain information that ALL anglers proposing to fish Federation waters this season should pay particular attention to.
Best wishes for the coming season and Tight Lines!

Post AGM Update

28 April 2018

Membership applications have only been open for four weeks but we're, already half-way to our target level for the coming season.
As usual, Full (local) Membership will remain open to applicants throughout the season whilst Associate Membership will be capped once the initial target level is reached.
In light of this, we'd advise prospective Associate Members to apply in good time to avoid disappointment.
Two documents were signed off at last week's AGM and are now available on this site:
We're currently working on an overhaul of the Federation rules and regulations with the intention of having these signed off and on-line by June 16th.

Membership opens 1st April

28 March 2018

Just a quick reminder that membership applications are welcome from 1st April for the 2018-19 Federation year.
The Membership page has been updated with regard to the new fee structure and the increased number of fisheries elligible for Guest tickets.
Young anglers under 14 years of age are no longer required to formally join The Federation though they must still, at all times, be accompanied by a responsible adult while fishing our waters.
General information regarding membership is available on the relevant page.
Whilst the postal application form is now available for download, no applications will be processed until 1st April. The On-line application system won't be activated until then.

Roll-on June 16th!

20 March 2018

Well that was a somewhat grim end to the river season!
Just to confirm that Federation membership re-opens on 1st April for the 2018-19 season. No applications received before this date will be considered.
Full details will be posted on this website for both on-line and postal applications.
General information regarding membership including next season's fees are available on the relevant page.

River season draws to an end

10 March 2018

Just a quick reminder that the river season ends at midnight on March 14th.
The rivers then remain closed for fishing from until June 16th.
Federation season tickets for the 2018-19 season will be on sale from 1st April either on-line or by post.
Associate Membership will again be capped this season so prompt application from 1st April is advised to avoid disappointment.

Day ticket purchases next season

10 March 2018

Day tickets will be available to purchase on-line using PayPal next season. Tickets will also be available from Future Fishing.

GoCardless will continue to be used for on-line Full and Associate Membership applications due to its lower fee structure.


Federation AGM 2018

22 February 2018

This year's AGM will be held on 25 April at 20:00 - full details here.

All Full members paid-up at that date are welcome to attend.


Winthorpe and Crankley - No Day Tickets Next Season

17 February 2018

We've previously reported on the unacceptable behaviour by some 'anglers' on our Winthorpe and Crankley fisheries, particularly with regard to litter.

Despite proposing to stop the sale of day/night tickets if the situation didn't improve, the litter has, if anything, got worse this season. As a result, these fisheries will not be available on a day ticket from the start of next season.

The fisheries will be open to Full and Associate members of the Federation with night fishing permitted on Winthorpe only. In addition, Guest tickets will be available at a cost of £5 dawn to dusk (both fisheries) and £5 dusk to dawn (Winthorpe only).

The gate at the entrance to the Winthorpe fishery will be kept locked from the start of the season and secured with a Federation combination lock.

The arrangements described above will remain in place, initially, for one season and be subject to Committee review thereafter.


Barbel caught in matches - one year trial

19 November 2017

At November's Committee meeting, new rules concerning Barbel retention in keepnets during matches were agreed as follows:


Bailiffs required

23 October 2017

The Federation currently has a number of vacancies for bailiffs to cover our fisheries in the Newark area.

For more details or to apply, please contact the Secretary.


National Match Bookings for 2018

14 October 2017

Two of the biggest matches in the national calendar will be held on Federation waters in 2018.

Saturday, 11th August sees the Individual National Championships while the following weekend, a number of sections of the Division 1 National will be held on our waters.

Anglers looking to pleasure fish on those days are advised to consult the match calendar as both events span multiple fisheries including Winthorpe.


Girton night fishing

25 June 2017

Just to confirm that night fishing is permitted at Girton but this is controlled by Scunthorpe Pisces AC.
Night fishing season cards are available at a cost of £10 from:
Simon Mattison - Fisheries Officer
Mobile: 07943651992
Email: simon.mattison3@ntlworld.com

Trent Powerboat and Ski Club (TPSC)

23 July 2016

Please note that our Sheldons and East Stoke fisheries lie within a permitted water ski zone controlled by Trent Powerboat and Ski Club (TPSC).
Members boats are all marked with a red membership number. The colour of the lettering changes every year. The format is as follows: T002 or T019.
Members are permitted to drive their boats at speed (no speed limit) at any time during week days and after 3pm at the weekend.
While recognising the potential conflict of interests this presents, the Committee wish to remind all anglers of there obligation not to bring the Federation's name into disprepute, as stated in the published Federation
rules, e.g. by being abusive or threatening to other water users.
The image below shows the extents of the ski zone and is presented for information purposes only.
TPSC ski zone
Please contact the
The Secretary if you have any queries or wish to report any incidents relating - thanks.  

Tight Lines, wet nets and stay safe!


Anglers who leave litter or light fires risk being barred from all Federation waters