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Good weights in latest Fed open

18 July 2019

The latest NDPF open on Rolleston and Crankley took place on Wednesday, 17th July.
The match saw a return to form for Rich "King of the Slide" Wood who took first place with 38lb 6oz of G/B feeder caught Bream from Crankley peg 21.
Second from Crankley peg 19 using similar tactics for 33lb 8oz was Ken Pacey.
Nick West was third using Bolo and Caster on Crankley peg 37 to record 9 Chub for 20lb 4oz while Neil Parkinson made up the frame with 15lb 8oz of Hemp-caught Roach from Rolleston peg 35.
There were also section wins for Adey Reynolds, Neil Parkinson, Alan Howe and Paul Cowling. Well done to all.
The next NDPF open is on Wednesday, 24th July on Power Station and Fletchers - details from Andy Starkey on 07500 893589.  

Unacceptable behaviour resurfaces

13 July 2019

We've recently reported instances of angler's rubbish being left at Winthorpe but, sadly, we've received reports of other unacceptable behaviour at this fishery.
The incidents include anglers launching a boat - not a bait boat....a BOAT - in order to feed their swim. We've also had reports of anglers swimming in the river. Presumably the fishing was slow!
Such behaviour is not acceptable and anyone identified will be expelled from the Federation.
The Federation's rules cover most of the basic stuff but, rightly or wrongly, we have to assume (and expect) that the anglers fishing our waters understand and apply the following:
Anglers are reminded that NDPF reserve the right to change the arrangements for this fishery at any time including its closure if deemed appropriate.
The Committee wish to remind all Members that they are, in effect, bailiffs and that they should look to protect what we have at all times.

Associate Membership to close end of July

13 July 2019

We've almost reached our target membership for the year and, as a result, applications for Associate Membership will close at the end of July.
As usual, Full (local) Membership will remain open all year.

Roach again top latest Fed open

13 July 2019

The latest NDPF open on Sheldons and East Stoke took place on Wednesday, 10th July.
First with 17lb 12 oz of Roach using pole and Hemp tactics on East Stoke peg 45 was Neil Parkinson.
The top four all fished East Stoke with Rob Lowe in second place with 13lb 12oz of Roach using Wag & Mag tactics on peg 31.
Third with 11lb 13 oz of Barbel from peg 3 was Terry Moroz while Clive Fletcher was just an ounce behind with his catch of feeder-caught Skimmers from peg 19.
There were also section wins for Rich Alexandra, Dave Jones, Clive Fletcher and Nick West.
The next NDPF open is on Wednesday, 17th July on Rolleston and Crankley - details from Andy Starkey on 07500 893589.  

Roach haul tops latest NDPF open

10 July 2019

Pete Jayes won the latest NDPF open fished on the Dyke on Wednesday, 3rd July. Pete used a Pole and Hemp approach for an all Roach haul of 22lb 4oz from Power Station peg 12.
Sam Merry caught 17lb 8oz of Skimmers and Roach on pole and feeder from peg 68 for second place.
In third place was Terry Moroz with 16lb 6oz of feeder-caught Skimmers from end peg 70.
Alan gregory made up the frame with 14lb 4oz of Skimmers from peg 5, again on the feeder.
There were also section wins for Alan Gregory, Kev Davies, Steve Clark and Rob Parker.
Next NDPF open is on Wednesday, 10th July on Sheldons and East Stoke - details from Andy Starkey on 07500 893589.  

Bream again dominate latest NDPF open

29 June 2019

Bream and Skimmers were, again, the order order of the day in the latest NDPF open fished on Wednesday, 26th June.
John Lock lead the way on Rolleston peg 27 with 23lb 6oz using feeder tactics.
Dave Jones was close behind with 22lb 14oz from East Stoke peg 37, again, on the feeder.
Rich 'King of the Slide' Wood could only manage third place this week with 19lb 12oz from Rolleston peg 37.
In fourth place with 12lb 12oz from Rolleston peg 25 was Shaun Rampling.
There were also section wins for Bill White, Dave Powell, Jack Epsom and Rob Lowe.
Next NDPF open is on Wednesday, 3rd July on Power Station and Fletchers - details from Andy Starkey on 07500 893589.  

Winthorpe refuse collection clarification

29 June 2019

Winthorpe rubbish - June 2019 It seems that some anglers fishing Winthorpe this week believe that NDPF offers a free refuse collection service.
Although they'd gone to the trouble of bagging-up their waste, they'd missed the vital next step of taking it away with them to dispose of in an appropriate manner.
To confirm that anyone identified as leaving litter or waste, bagged-up or not, will be expelled from the Federation.

Winthorpe grass cutting delayed

21 June 2019

We've received some comments regarding the long grass at Winthorpe.
The two weeks prior to the start of the season were exceptionally wet and this prevented the farmer cutting for Haylage.
Hopefully, the grass will be harvested soon now that the weather has improved.

Bream all the way in latest NDPF open

21 June 2019

Bream again dominated the latest NDPF open fished on the Dyke on Wednesday, 19th June.
Rich 'King of the Slide' Wood feeder fished on peg 3 to win with an impressive 46lb of slabs.
Second with 29lb 11oz of Bream and Chub from end peg 70 was Pete Bradshaw.
John Lock made third place with 16lb 4oz of Skimmers from peg 56 while Steve Clark and Sam Murray tied for fourth, each with 11lb 14oz from pegs 39 and 7 respectively.
There were section wins for Adi Reynolds, Clive Fletcher, Malc Nicholson, Andy Clarke and Kev Davies. Well done to all.
Next NDPF open is on Wednesday, 26th on Rolleston and East Stoke - details from Andy Starkey on 07500 893589.  

Bream dominate first NDPF open of the season

19 June 2019

Bream and Skimmers on the feeder dominated the first Federation open of the season held on the Dyke on opening day.
Paul Cannon led the way from peg 48 with a feeder approach accounting for a Bream and Barbel catch weighing 39lb dead.
Second on peg 56 was Paul Golding with 18lb of Skimmers and Roach while third with 13lb 6oz of Bream and Skimmers from peg 24 was Ryan Neil with match organiser, Andy Starkey, just a Skimmer behind on peg 18.

Red Bridge - extended hours trial

15 June 2019

A proposal was passed at this year's AGM to allow fishing until 10:30PM throughout the season on our Red Bridge fishery.
These extended fishing times are, intially, for a one year trial and apply to Full Members of the Federation only.

Late match booking on Dyke

15 June 2019

Due to a late venue change for the first NDPF open match of the season, the Power Station and Fletchers stretches are almost fully reserved for tomorrow, Sunday 16th June.
Full details of all match bookings are available, as usual, on the Match Calendar.

New season draws near

13 June 2019

Not long to go now until the river season opens at midnight Saturday into Sunday this weekend.
It's been a wet week (you may have noticed) so levels will be high meaning great care should be taken.
I've just heard on the radio that Notts has had 150% of its normal June rainfall in the past 3 days alone!
Keep safe and have a great season - the weather will improve............promise.

Outstanding fees - no card, no fish!

4 June 2019

At the time of writing, there's a large number of online applicants who are still to pay their membership fees.
Please note that you must be in receipt of a valid membership card to able to fish our waters so don't delay, pay today.
Only 11 days until the Glorious 16th.

Pre-season update

26 May 2019

Angling Trust | Fish legal

Membership opens with a bang!

3 May 2019

Just a couple of days into the new Federation year and we've already received more than 150 Online applications.
It's early days yet but it looks like demand for membership will, again, be very high this year though with prices being held and the, already fantastic, fishing improving year-on-year, it's hardly surprising.
Anglers from outside the Newark area seeking Associate membership are advised to apply promptly to avoid disappointment as a cap on the total number of Associate members will, again, be applied this year.

REMINDER: 2019-20 Membership opening 1st May

27 April 2019

Just to confirm that the postal application form is now available to download from the Membership page.
We've also enabled the Online application system so that any issues can be ironed out by the 1st May.
Early Birds are welcome to apply Online from today although your application is unlikely to be processed until the official start of the Federation year on 1st May.

2019-20 Membership details confirmed

7 April 2019

Membership information for the new Federation year is now available on the Membership page.
Applications for membership are welcome from 1st May.
Please note that some page links will not be enabled until that date to avoid erroneous applications.

AGM details confirmed

9 March 2019

This year's AGM will take place on Wednesday, 17th April at 20:00 - location The Rose and Crown, Balderton.
Proposed resolutions must be received by the Secretary no later than 31th March.
All Full Members of The Federation are invited to attend.

River season draws to an end

9 March 2019

Just a quick reminder that the river season ends at midnight on March 14th.
The rivers then remain closed for fishing from until June 16th.
Federation season tickets for the 2019-20 season will be on sale from 1st May on-line or by post.
Associate Membership numbers will again be capped so prompt application from 1st May is advised to avoid disappointment.

Feedback required on match proposal

9 March 2019

A proposal has been put forward for a 100 peg Members-only match to be held this year - probably in September,
At this stage, we're consulting with Members in order to assess potential take-up so please feedback your thoughts to the Secretary or Match Secretary.

Tight Lines, wet nets and stay safe!


Anglers who leave litter or light fires risk being barred from all Federation waters